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Summer Hours


Monday: 10am-5pm

Tuesday: 10am-5pm

Wednesday: 10am-5pm

Thursday: 10am-5pm

Friday: 10am-5pm

Saturday: 12pm-5pm

Sunday: 12pm-5pm

Our Location


420 Pleasant Drive

Minto, NB E4B 2T3


Remembrance Day Weekend

We will be opening our doors to the public on the weekend of Remembrance Day. We will open on November 11th after Remembrance Day ceremonies have taken place, and will be open for the remainder of the weekend. Our hours for each day will be as follows:

Saturday, November 11th: 12pm-5pm

Sunday, November 12th: 12pm-5pm

Monday, November 13th: 12pm-5pm

By donation only.

Off-Season Tours

To book an off-season tour, call the museum and leave a voicemail at (506) 327-3573. Alternatively, you can fill out the form provided.


The availability of our tour guides is more likely during evenings and weekends. Preferred dates and times cannot be fully guaranteed.

Please note: As of September 14th, a significant number of artefacts from our collection will be removed temporarily from the museum to be part of an exhibition in Fredericton (more details to follow). While we will still accommodate those who wish to visit the museum, it is recommended for the best museum experience that visitors wait to schedule their visit after the artefacts are returned. 

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Off-Seson Tours
02:30 PM

Thanks for submitting!

We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Visit Site

Visit the Site of the Internment Camp

The site of former Internment Camp B/70 is conveniently located roughly 15km (9.4 mi) West of the New Brunswick Internment Camp Museum. With some remnants of the internment camp being present, the site features a historical trail of about 1km (0.6 mi.) in length that will take you on a self-guided tour of the former internment camp.


Signage is present to guide you along the way -- marking the locations of the original buildings. There are still visible signs of the camp remains including the road that formed an oval inside the camp. During the operation of the camp, truck loads of wood ashes from the stoves were dumped on the road and compacted into a hard base where little could grow. The cement footing where the mess hall stood and two cement manholes where you can see the pipes that carried water throughout the camp are clearly marked. Large rocks forming a circle were part of the grandstand. The 7.62m/25ft. high water tower base still stands and is visible from Route 10

The walk will take about 15 minutes. You will need snowshoes or cross country skis in the winter. It is recommended to bring along insect repellent for May and June

The trail in site is open year round and free to visit.

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