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About Us

The project was born when Ed Caissie, a Minto teacher, was developing alternative programs for junior high school students - this project starting with 12 students and eventually expanding to 60 students.

Initially, the students created a scale model of the 58 acre camp and its 52 buildings.


When these students dug for facts, they did it literally. An expedition to the site with picks and shovels unearthed a find of kitchen items and other material remains from the camp that were buried three feet down.

The Museum, located in Minto, houses nearly 600 artifacts from the camp and occupies over 2000 square feet. A mural in the hallway to the Museum was painted by Eugene Vautour, a local artist, to give visitors the impression they are walking past the rows of barbed wire that surrounded the perimeter of the camp.

The museum is managed by the New Brunswick Internment Camp Heritage Committee Inc., formed in 1997.  The committee consists of fourteen members.


A scale replica of the camp constructed by Minto Middle School Students.

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