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Now open for the summer season.

Learn about an often-overlooked part of
New Brunswick's history

Image of various objects found on the site of a former WWII internment camp (Camp B/70 - Ripples, NB; 30 kilometers east of Fredericton, NB))
Replica of sleeping quarters used by prisoners of war at WWII Internment Camp B/70 in Ripples, New Brunswick (30 km east of Fredericton, NB)
Image showing concrete base of former water tower and large sign at the site of former Internment Camp B/70, Ripples New Brunswick (30km East of Fredericton, New Brunswick).

We are only one of two internment camp museums in Canada - featuring a display of over 600 artifacts, and a scale model of the former New Brunswick internment camp (Camp B/70).

Starting as a class project that grew quickly, the New Brunswick Internment Camp Museum has been open to the public since 1997.

Located in close proximity to the museum on NB Route 10, visit the original site of the internment camp to explore our 1km historical trail and see the base of the water tower - one of the few remnants of the camp.

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