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COVID-19 Measures

Updated June 28, 2021


SECTION A: Incoming Visitors

Various precautionary measures will be put in place to ensure the safety of visitors to the museum, which include:


1)  Advanced bookings of museum viewings/tours: Individuals who want to visit the museum must do so by booking one of the available 1-hour time slots; seven are available during each weekday, and eight are available during weekends. Walk ins will be accepted at the next available time slot.

2) Operating at 50% capacity: A maximum of 15 visitors will be allowed in the museum at a time (with physical distancing and continuous mask use) – with close contacts being able to visit together in tour groups. To ensure that physical distancing can be maintained between tour guides and visitors, while also ensuring a quality tour for visitors, tour groups will be limited to to six close contacts (or individuals within the same bubble).

3) Entrance Checkpoint and Contact Tracing:  The hallway outside of the main museum will serve as an entrance checkpoint and waiting area for visitors. This area will include hand sanitizer, a bulletin regarding the museum’s COVID-19 regulations, a sign in sheet (with times) for contact tracing purposes, and frequently sanitized chairs for visitors who would like to sit.

4) Making admission to the museum by donation only: To see that museum staff are handling money as infrequently as possible, admission to the museum will be by donation only.

5) Ensuring tours are safe for museum staff and visitors: To ensure that physical distance is maintained between tour guides and visiting groups, laser pointers will be used by tour guides so that they may point to items from a distance while ensuring visitors still have the opportunity to view artifacts up close. A mask must be worn by tour guides for added protection, while mask use by visitors will align with the requirements and recommendations provided by public health. While the touching of objects by visitors in the museum is prohibited under normal circumstances, this rule will be strictly enforced to curb the potential spread of COVID-19.


6) Ensuring visitors can safely browse items for sale and sign guestbook: Hand sanitizer be provided in proximity to the items for sale and the museum guestbook.


9) Taking extra measures to maintain a clean washroom for visitors: The washroom will remain locked and have the toilet seat, faucet handles, and doorknob cleaned by museum staff after each use. Additionally, a poster outlining proper handwashing techniques will be posted in proximity to the sink.


SECTION B: Employees


1- Employee Safety Measures


1) Providing temporary rearrangements to the office that allow better physical distancing: The office will be rearranged in such a way to ensure that two employees can work safely and physically distanced.


2) Conducting tours: To ensure the safety of employees during tours, laser pointers and face masks will be used.


2- Employee Expectations


1) Increased cleaning measures: To meet regulations regarding COVID-19, and to ensure the safety of visitors and employees, existing cleaning routines will be performed more frequently. Surfaces such as doorknobs and chairs should be disinfected frequently. It is expected that these cleaning rituals within the museum be performed by museum staff during the time between tours. The tour guide who is not giving a tour must disinfect surfaces in the bathroom and waiting area while the tour is ongoing and there are no people in the waiting area.


2) Handling of money: In the handling of money, it is expected that employees wear gloves (to be disposed of immediately after handling) or sanitize their hands immediately after handling.


3) Entrance checkpoint: Museum guides should ask if they have read the posted questions and have signed in. If they receive an acceptable response, the standard museum tour may then commence. Museum guides must also ensure the time of departure is recorded for those who leave the museum, even if they forget to fill in the information.


Griffin Mountan


New Brunswick Internment Camp Museum

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